How organizations are classified

Instruction 1 Statistical organization – a system that reflects the slice of relations between different elements. They are elements of the complex, but retain their immutability. Example: structure of the universe, systematization of knowledge of any science. 2 Simple dynamic organization, pre-programmed for a specific result. It is often referred to as the “clockwork”. Example: … Read more

What is a business case

Business training is a new direction for Russian pedagogy. It is based on a combination of methods of theoretical impact and practical use of acquired knowledge. Conceived in the first stages of knowledge of management and administration systems, teachers and business trainers suggest using the method of business cases. Conceived at Harvard University, this method … Read more

What is an affiliate company

The concept of affiliates In Russian law, the term “affiliacy” appeared in 1995. Affiliates are persons connected in property relations and able to exert influence over each other. They include members of the board of directors, the council or other management body. A necessary attribute of an affiliate is the relationship of dependency between a … Read more

What properties the organization

Targeting is the main property of the organization. It determines the raison d’être of all elements. Any system must function to achieve any purpose. In the case of business – it’s profit maximization. The purpose of the technical system, for example, is to meet human needs. And the biological system exists to survive and leave … Read more