How to come up with a name for a dress shop

Name and last name Use in the name of the clothing store the name of the outlet owner. For example, “Clothes store “Anna”, “Clothing from Max”, “Ivanovsky” (from Ivanov), “Petrovsky” (from Petrov), etc. You can show maximum imagination and generate the name of the store from names and surnames family members or co-owners.$ Say, “OLart” … Read more

What store to open

Finding a niche The idea of creating “one more” clothing store or “one more” deli may not be the most successful in view of its obviousness. Therefore, long before opening the outlet, it is necessary to analyze the market. The best store is where it’s really needed. It’s silly to open the city’s biggest grocery … Read more

What is the entity of the organization

Organize — means to unite people or technical means for the sake of getting a result, as well as coordinate and regulate their activities, guided by the company’s charter. It is from this definition that the concept of “organization” comes. However, the nature of this category is very diverse. It is customary to highlight three … Read more

How to give a freight transport

Instruction 1 To give a trucking announcement that will reach the target audience, do a little marketing research. You need to figure out which sites are mostly visited by those looking for heavy-duty cars. These may simply be free ad portals or specialized sites that post information about carrier services for a fee. You can … Read more

How to open a hair salon in Kazan

You will need – the authorized capital of 10 thousand r. ; – package of documents for registration of IP; – hairdressing equipment. Instruction 1 Calculate your budget by drawing up a detailed “business plan” and find a place you will rent for your saloon. 2 Barber shop should be located nearby houses. Please note … Read more

How to build a business without attachment

Income business from scratch: use your talents You can work for yourself by offering customers goods and services. A prime example is making things by hand. If you paint well, burn wood, make accessories from leather, weave, embroidery, knit, cut from stone, sew – it can come in handy. Handmade things are very popular right … Read more

How to open a toy shop

Highlights to consider Consider the range. It should be noted that now opening a small toy store with a small number of goods is often quite unprofitable. The fact is that in many cities there are large establishments where you can buy things for children for every taste, and it is very difficult to compete … Read more

What is the essence of a simplified taxation system

Simplified taxation system usually involves a significant reduction in the costs of the organization, the entrepreneur at small and medium volumes of activity. It is possible to transfer to this system in accordance with its conditions immediately after the registration of the company or entrepreneur in the tax authority, before each next tax period (calendar … Read more

How to find a firm by INN

Finding a company if there is information about an individual tax number is currently quite easy, since the basic information about all organizations is publicly available. You just need to go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, go to the section of the special service, which is called … Read more