How to make a business plan

Instruction 1 Business plan consists of several parts — cover sheet, company information, summary, activity and risk analysis, strategic decisions, production and financial plan, applications. First of all, consider what you will write in this document, make notes in the draft, for example, you can describe briefly problems, think about ways to solve them. If … Read more

How to behave on tax verification

Instruction 1 Remember that the tax check is just so “out of the sky will not fall”. You will be alerted to the upcoming enterprise, so there will be plenty of time to prepare for it. If you feel there may be something wrong with your company’s ledgers, then you should invite an independent auditor … Read more

How to do business in Russia

You will need – commercial enterprise; – business team; – entrepreneurial skills; – knowledge of features Russian reality. Instruction 1 Apply a leadership style focused on authority rather than direct coercion. In Russia, strong and passionate personalities with great leadership potential are valued. Only those who show the strongest points of their nature can gain … Read more

How to organize retail accounting

You will need – calculator, – computer, – internet access. Instruction 1 The simplest accounting of goods and their sales in retail trade, possible without the use of a computer, is carried out by formula: “Parish” – “Revenue” = “Balance calculated”. Include the goods at purchase value, return from buyers, trade markup in the arrival … Read more

What business in Russia is now

How to determine whether it is beneficial to open a business before opening a business, it is necessary to consider the economic factors of industry development. Explore the predictions of stability of the macro and microeconomics of the sphere you chose. It is very important to know what level of competition is present in this … Read more

Art of visualization in business

First steps in mastering the art of visualization Learn entrepreneurial skills if you want to gain in creating a profitable business useful experience. This will be your salvation in organizing a new business. By learning something new, believe in success, do not let doubt surround you, destroying faith in yourself! Thought gives rise to action … Read more

How to get staff work

How do I get staff to work? You don’t have to force anyone. Much more interesting when the approach to doing the job is informed. If the company still has a situation that is forced, it is necessary to introduce some systemic changes. Let’s start in order. The company should have a certain purpose expressed … Read more

How to implement online items in a sales scheme

After a recent questionnaire was sent out, where business managers were asked to check themselves for readiness to resume work, received counter questions. Most concerned the introduction of online elements into sales schemes. In the answers, I gave examples of such solutions in familiar companies with which I recently worked and maintain relationships. Decisions turned … Read more