Where you can buy toilet water with strawberry smell

Oh Lola! You can purchase perfume with strawberry aroma from the famous Marc Jacobs. Its light and playful perfume Oh Lola! you will have to taste carefree and young representatives of the beautiful sex. In addition to strawberries, the bouquet of the composition features other treats — raspberry and pear, as well as peony, vanilla, … Read more

Neroli Essential Oil: Useful Properties

Neroli is called the essential oil of bigaradia, or bitter orange (lat. citrus vulgaris); its unusual name was named after Anna Maria Orsini, Princess of Nerol, who loved use it for flavoring gloves and for taking baths. Nerolium oil differs thick, has a dark brown color, in its composition there is a scented substance nerol. … Read more

Star fragments

You need time to read what toilet water our idols released. Instruction 1 by Reese Witherspoon: “IN BLOOM”The smell of magnolia, the bright fragrance accompanies these perfumes. They’re the actress’s favorite. She uses them all the time. 2 Victoria and David Beckham’s “SIGNATURE STORY: FOR HIM AMD HER”Victoria and David adherents of vintage glamour and … Read more

Perfume with pheromones

Perfume with pheromones: what is it? They are spirits containing special substances — pheromones released by internal secretion glands of humans and animals. A pronounced smell does not stand out, but is perceived instantly. They get into the nose zone, and the necessary receptors quickly detect them. Further, the information obtained goes to the brain … Read more

Home recipes for natural perfumery

Most perfume quickly evaporate from the skin, lose aroma or cause allergies. This is due to chemical compounds found in perfumes, as well as highly irritating alcohol. People suffering from allergies and those who appreciate the persistence of the fragrance may benefit from natural spirits. They in the cream do not require the addition of … Read more