How to make gradient manicure

This manicure is performed in different variations. For example, you can take five varnishes of different shades of the same color, paint each finger with different colors. It will be a smooth transition from hue to hue. Do you not have as many varnishes of various similar shades? Well, you can do without them. Take … Read more

Than wipe the polish off the nails

List of nail polish remover There is a huge amount of professional spares for polish remover. However, there are such moments when the liquid is over, and to wipe the decorative coating from the nails is simply necessary. In such situations, you may use a list of tools to remove varnish at home: nail polish. … Read more

Trimp your nails or token

Constant disputes in nail care issues begin with how to properly give shape. After all, there are at least two tools for this: nail scissors and nail files. Files or scissors All ways of giving the desired shape to the nails are a traumatic procedure for the nail plate. Making a manicure without partial damage … Read more

Master class in water manicure

You’ll need – lacquers 4 shades – stick or toothpick – capacity – water – greasy cream – napkin Instructions 1 Prepare the workplace. In a small tank pour water of room temperature. Take the first varnish and drip into the water, do the same with other varnishes several times. You will notice how the … Read more

Wintertime nail baths

You’ll need olive oil, castor, sunflower, sea salt, warm water, manicure tools, warm water. Instructions 1 After performing the manicure procedure, prepare the nail bath. To do this, lightly heat the olive oil on the water bath (you can replace it with sunflower, castor and any other). A few drops of iodine can be added … Read more

How to care for nails in home conditions

Instruction 1 For nails to grow strong and beautiful, they need nutrition. Once a week, arrange saltwater baths, keep the fingernails there for 20-25 minutes, then apply protective cream on them. 2 Strengthening goes not just from the outside, but from the inside. Drink vitamins with calcium, fish oil. Eat more fish, fruits and vegetables. … Read more

Manicure on February 14

Instruction 1 Red color symbolizes passion, love, ardent feelings. Therefore, the classic manicure of scarlet color, will be quite appropriate on this day. Nothing extra – everything is strictly and classically. 2 Such a bright manicure can be diluted and given it a special look. This will require white varnish and a thin toothpick. Taking … Read more

How to remove shellac manicure plate

Than to remove gel polish To remove shellac will need varnish remover, cotton discs or linkless wipes, foil and orange wood sticks. It is not necessary to buy brand-name liquid from the shellac manufacturer – to remove the resistant polymer film can be a regular remedy from the supermarket. You can use a varnish removal … Read more

What is moon manicur”

You’ll need – dark polish – light polish – pattern for French manicure – transparent nail coating Instruction 1 Lunar manicure technique is very simple. The main feature of this reception is the combination of absolutely incompatible at first glance shades of varnish. Manicure can be made in classic calm tones or turn it into … Read more

How to remove from nail coating shellac

Advantages of shellac shellac is made on the basis of a special biogel. Externally, before applying to a nail plate, it is almost no different from conventional varnish. But since shellac is produced on a gel basis, it is drying under an ultraviolet lamp, not on air. Gel polish is shown to owners of thin … Read more