Whats spa

Spa or spa is a type of physiotherapy based on the use of water and other substances related to water, such as algae, therapeutic mud, salts. Spa therapy is very effective for improving well-being, improving skin conditions and relaxing. The history of spa therapy The history of spa began in the distant past, even this … Read more

How to massage your neck

You will need – cream; – terry towel; – decoction of medicinal herbs. Instructions 1 Neck massage is best done in the morning after washing. Clean the skin of the neck and apply any moisturizer that suits you most with light massaging movements from the bottom up from the cleavage area to the chin. Note … Read more

Psychological Benefit of Massage

In order to achieve maximum positive psychological impact, it is important that massage be performed in comfortable conditions. It is necessary to establish a trust bond with the massage therapist so that relaxation at the body and psyche level is faster, tangible and pleasant. Therefore, it is important to seriously approach the choice of both … Read more

How to do cosmetic massage

You will need – cream; – towel; – salted water. Instruction 1 The easiest way for cosmetic massage is to perform it when applying your regular cream daily. Take a little nourishing or moisturizing cream, spread it on your palms and apply it to your face along the direction of the skin lines, while not … Read more

What is a spot massage

Fundamentals of acupressure by ancient physicians were identified about 365 points on the human body, pressing on which restored disturbed functions of the body, such as improving the condition of the patient. At the same time, their presence on the body of a person does not depend on where a particular disease arises. Similar points … Read more

Perfect hand skin in 30 minutes

Girls who think men are only interested in breasts and pop are deeply misguided. Men care about our hands, first of all they want to touch our fingers and feel the velvety of the skin. A woman should always care for the skin of her hands, because the skin instantly gives out the age of … Read more