How to draw arrows on eyes

You will need – base for shadows; – set of brushes; – shadow of neutral shade; – pencil; – liquid eyeliner; – gel eyeliner. Instruction 1 To let the arrows lie flat and not smear, prepare the skin of the eyelids. Skim it by tampon dipped in tonic or micellar water. Apply a special shadow … Read more

How to visually enlarge your eyes using makeup

How to make eyes bigger with makeup The easiest way to make eyes bigger and more expressive is to stir and paint eyelashes. Owners of thick bent eyelashes are lucky even more – they only need to apply voluminous or elongating mascara. Everyone else needs to use perm tongs. They will give the eyelashes a … Read more

Light evening makeup for green eyes

You’ll need – eye shadow green, emerald and saturated blue; – pearl shade or highlight; – pencil for Emerald eye – black mascara – base under shade Instructions 1 Before you start applying makeup is necessary make sure the skin of the eyelid is dry, otherwise the shadows don’t last long. If there is leftover … Read more

Christina Aguilera makeup

No account for the number of Christina images. Each style of the girl is accompanied by a unique makeup. You can’t call Aguilera natural, but the bright palettes are always chosen competently, harmonize on the face of the star perfectly! Aguilera pays great importance to skin condition. She can be attributed to the number of … Read more

What color lipstick should be on your lips

Instruction 1 Glitters and translucent lipsticks fit almost every face, so choosing lipsticks that color, you can safely buy them . 2 Every woman knows that daytime makeup is significantly different from evening. It is characterized by lighter and more delicate tones, so in the afternoon the color of lipstick should be a few tones … Read more

How to properly dye lipstick;

Instruction 1 Before applying lipstick, it is important that the lips are not chapped and dry, but even and smooth. On windswept lips, lipstick will look very unlovely. So if you have problems with your lips, then get them in order (smear honey, shea butter, etc.) 2 First of all apply a lip pencil. Tightly … Read more

How to use a white cosmetic penal

Paint eyes with white pencil Most often white cosmetic pencil is used for eyeliner inner eyelid. For this purpose you need a water-resistant liner with mother-of-pearl – it lies flat layer, looks natural and does not require updating. Don’t use a matte white pencil – it looks too dim. A light light light touch applied … Read more

Makeup under green dress

Below are recommendations for choosing cosmetics, which will fit under a green dress. Basis for makeup Take care of the skin condition before applying decorative cosmetics to the face. Use the base for makeup, it will help to adjust the complexion, hide light flaws, align the skin relief. Yes and other cosmetics will thanks to … Read more

What tonal basis to select

Tone basics: what they are Quality Cream Base can be found in a wide variety of price categories. Choose the funds of proven manufacturers – leading firms use advanced development and innovation, take into account the wishes of dermatologists and environmentalists. Choose a base depending on skin type. A moisturizer is suitable for dry. It … Read more

How to paint small eyes

How to enlarge eyes with cosmetics Add brightness and expressiveness to small eyes will help the right shade of shadows. Brown eyes will look spectacular in the frame of green shadows, blue will suit a fashionable maroon range, and green – copper or golden. For daytime makeup, choose complex shades of moderate saturation, strutting them … Read more