How to do a hairstyle with a bandage

You will need – bandage; – comb ; – hairspray; – hair spray. Instruction 1 Comb your hair well. In front, you need to make a straight sweep of 3-4 cm long. Separate part of the hair on the top, slightly trim them from the bottom and comb the hair back – this will give … Read more

How a brunette become a checker

From brunette to a checker – everything depends on the structure of hair The structure of dark hair is different. In girls with oriental appearance, it is tighter. The curls are very thick, the hair is thick and stiff. European hair type is more subtle, even dark they are not as stiff. So it is … Read more

How to make an unboring horse tail

You’ll need invisible soft rubber band hair irons favorite accessories Instructions 1 It is advisable before this to lightly curl the hair with an iron. Next – divide all hair into two parts by means of horizontal penetration. 2 Now take the lower zone and wrap it around the top, against clockwise. Curl hair from … Read more

How to use a hair roller

You will need – ready-made hair roller; – natural or artificial hair; – socks or skins; – hair mesh; – stilettos; – hair elastic bands. Instructions 1 Purchase a hair roller. It can be found in one of the shops selling goods for hairdressers. If you failed to find this device, do not despair. You … Read more

How to twist curls iron

You will need – Hair brush – Iron – Hair spray Instructions 1 Comb your hair and separate a small strand that you need to comb again. 2 Raise the strand up and rewind in one take on an iron. We carry an iron on the strands, gradually taking the tool to the tips of … Read more

How to do your hairstyles itself

Instruction 1 The simplest fashion hairstyle that is easy to make the most – a tall ponytail. Clean hair splash with styling fluid – it will give shine and make strands more even. Finish the hair at the roots, put your head down and collect it into a ponytail. The tail must be on the … Read more

How to make a hairstyle with a bandage

Instruction 1 “Greek” styling makes the head neat and looks incredibly stylish. It’s easiest to make it to those who have hair not lower than their shoulders. To create a hairstyle you will need a ribbon, bandage, strap and hairspray. First divide the hair into a straight sweep and spray it with varnish. Then put … Read more

How to make curls straightener

You will need – shampoo; – towel; – hair straightener; – heat protective agent; – hair wax; – Comb; – Hairspray. Instructions 1 Wash your head with usual shampoo, using a balm rinse if necessary. Then wet the hair with a towel and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer or naturally. Thanks to clean … Read more

Actual mens haircuts

Actual men’s haircuts – for those who follow fashion. Stylish and original men’s haircuts in the new season suggest a certain boldness of its owner. Because many new hairstyles have a very original shape. The hairstyle should be chosen based on the characteristics of the skull and the oval of the face. Even the most … Read more

Round face haircuts;

Round face – which hairstyles are best avoided Round face requires some correction. With the help of the right hairstyle you can visually draw out the oval, make the shape of the face close to perfect. This will help haircuts, in which hair is combed forward, as well as those in which there are bangs. … Read more