Low cost and effective rejuvenation method

Light energy as an effective method of rejuvenation The method of photorejuvenation in the fight against age uses light pulse. The light energy of the given frequency and spectrum forces skin cells to strongly produce collagen and elastin, eliminates vascular sprockets and pigment spots. As a result, the skin acquires an even beautiful color, becomes … Read more

Effects of eyebrow tattooing

eyebrow tattoo is made in two ways. The first — hairy — is that the master draws thin lines on the forebrow arcs that mimic real hairs. The second kind is called “soft feather”, in which case the color is applied continuously to the entire required area. Regardless of the selected technique of permanent makeup, … Read more

Laser cosmetology on protection of beauty interests

Laser cosmetology  Among a wide range of cosmetology procedures, separate words deserve exactly this direction, still recently considered experimental. Having proved conclusively its validity and effectiveness in the fight against skin defects and age-related changes, the technique allows us to achieve the necessary results in the shortest possible time. And the resulting effect is subsequently … Read more

Does it hurt to do tat

About individual features The degree of soreness of the tattoo application process depends on a number of factors. Therefore, it is not necessary to navigate the impressions of a tattoo acquaintance. So, what will affect your sensations? One of the most important factors is the individual pain threshold. Analyze your pain perception specificity. Typically, most … Read more