What is laser facial nanoperforation

Who is shown laser nanoperforation To laser nanoperforation resort mainly to women. Those that want to hide cosmetic defects, or age changes reflected primarily on the face. In some cases physicians and professionals of beauty and health clinics prescribe this method as the most effective compared to others. Laser nanoperforation specialist can assign to those … Read more

Why “Triple Cologne” bears such a name

Shop collectors Back in the early 20th century there were two competing firms in Moscow. And they competed on the field of perfumery. “The Friendship of Alphonse Ralle” and “The Brocar Partnership”. The hosts of both were the betrothed French. Sister perfumers were so keen on competition with each other that they invented new fragrances … Read more

Delusions about tonal cream

Delusion #1 Many believe that constant use of tonal cosmetics causes premature skin aging. That’s not always fair. Previously, tonal creams were created and used only as cloaking agents, the main purpose of which was to hide problematic areas of the face. In those years, their quality was strikingly different from modern ones. However, in … Read more

How hair serum works

Features  The widest distribution of hair serum received due to its obvious preemptive characteristics. These are primarily the following qualitative indicators: – The hair structure is quickly restored; – the damaged hair is strengthened and smoothed; – The dull color is already after the first application changes to a radiant shade – hair is protected … Read more

Hair masks with bananas

Bananas are exceptional in their composition: vitamins, beneficial substances and minerals such as iron, vitamins B, C, E, magnesium, potassium and amino acids. They increase elasticity and make your hair softer, give silkiness and bring the most damaged hair back to life. Banana mask is suitable for brittle, lifeless and dull hair. Will restore hair … Read more

How to discolor eyelashes and eyebrows

Lightening eyelashes and eyebrows without special dyes The most common, but at the same time the most dangerous way to lighten eyebrows and eyelashes is peroxide hydrogen. It is necessary to do this procedure with the utmost care. Please note that specialists do not approve this method, and girls use it mainly due to lack … Read more

Properties of tar soap

Tanning, connecting to the soap base, increases blood flow to tissues, enhances regenerative function, restores epidermis. The tar soap slightly dries the skin, causing pimples, scratches and small wounds to heal faster. Tag soap is a magnificent antiseptic. It has not only antibacterial, but also antiparasitic properties. Cosmetologists often recommend it to those people who … Read more

Quality pedicure

Pedicure readings are deciphered as “foot care”, it should be carried out as the nail plate regrows, but at least once a month. The standard procedure consists of a foot bath, grinding and nail treatment. However, the intensity of modern life and the enormous strain on the feet, especially women’s, which are shackled in the … Read more

How to choose a good lifting cream

Any lifting cream includes active substances working for skin rejuvenation. It can be collagen, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins and other valuable elements. It is based on the set of ingredients that the efficiency as well as the orientation of lifting cosmetics is determined. What should be included in the lifting cream cream with the effect … Read more

Dangers of trekking in tanning salaries

Instruction 1 Medics claim that regular hikes to tanning beds increase the chances of getting melanoma (malignant skin tumor). 2 If you do not protect your eyes during a tanning session with special glasses, then the risk of damage to the visual organs is great. 3 The skin gets used to constant tan. So when … Read more