Essential oils to raise mood, energy and awaken feelings

Essential oils for energy. To return vivacity and relieve fatigue, it is recommended to take warm baths with essential oils of lemon, lemongrass or grapefruit. Lemon perfectly improves performance and instantly lifts tone even after the worst working days or stressful situations. Lemongrass has beneficial effects on the brain, improving memory and helping to concentrate … Read more

How to pluck eyebrows in home conditions

Instruction 1 Before adjusting the shape of the eyebrows, it is necessary to evaluate the shape of the face. For a round shape, a broken line (the fault itself does not need to be very sharp) with a high lift and short end will be more suitable. Straight and horizontal eyebrows look better on the … Read more

Lemon mask-scrub for hand

Lemon will help with flaking and chapped hand skin, dry and brittle nails, pigment spots. To restore dry skin on your elbows, you need to take a lemon, cut it in half and apply to your elbow. The procedure is performed several times a month so that the skin becomes soft and tenderness. Lemon hand … Read more

How to draw arrows on eyes

You will need – base for shadows; – set of brushes; – shadow of neutral shade; – pencil; – liquid eyeliner; – gel eyeliner. Instruction 1 To let the arrows lie flat and not smear, prepare the skin of the eyelids. Skim it by tampon dipped in tonic or micellar water. Apply a special shadow … Read more

At what speed hair growth

Hair growth rate There are periods most favorable for hair growth. At this time they grow especially well and fast. So, in summer and spring hair grows faster. During the winter, their growth slows somewhat. It was also found that during the day, hair is activated, and at night is “dormant.” And the noticeable acceleration … Read more

Recipes for cosmetic ice

Girls with normal skin type will be suitable for ice from valerian decoction, which can be combined with yarrow or plantain. This tandem refreshes and soothes the skin, gives a healthy and even complexion. For the care of normal skin also suitable tricolor violet and pharmacy dill. Cosmetic ice from these herbs is long kept. … Read more

How to choose a face scrub

Instruction 1 Choosing a scrub, focus on indicating the packaging of the type of skin for which it is designed. Buy matching your type. There are also universal products – for any skin. 2 If available in the tester store, estimate the size and shape of the exfoliating particles. Note that too large, with uneven … Read more

Stone lapuli: magical and medicinal properties

Around the lazuli stone walks a huge number of legends. According to mineralogists, for the first time the gemcolor was found more than 3 thousand years ago in the territory of The crystal was discovered entirely by accident during marble mining. Lazuli instantly attracted the attention of the kings. For a long period of time … Read more

How to make a banana face mask

Lightening mask Recipe for making this miracle mask is simple. Muddle the flesh of one ripe banana with a fork in the purée, add 1 teaspoon of honey and as much lemon juice. Mix the mass and apply to the cleansed skin. This mask moisturizes, brightens the skin and gives it a special radiance. Cleansing … Read more

How to visually enlarge your eyes using makeup

How to make eyes bigger with makeup The easiest way to make eyes bigger and more expressive is to stir and paint eyelashes. Owners of thick bent eyelashes are lucky even more – they only need to apply voluminous or elongating mascara. Everyone else needs to use perm tongs. They will give the eyelashes a … Read more