Airbrushed on cars: history, views, styles

A bit of history  In 1878, American Ebner Peter, a jeweler, made and patented a sprayer-airbrush from a sewing needle and compressor. The device was used to create paintings, landscapes. In the 90s airbrushing became popular. With the help of such drawing technique created billboards and posters, decorated racing cars. At first, emblems, logos of … Read more

Painting car headlights with your hands

You will need – aerosol spray with paint for headlights (usually paint on plastic); – construction hair dryer; – sealant; – primer – knife – abrasive material with different graininess – polishing pastes – malar scotch – isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. Instruction 1 First of all, it is necessary to remove the headlights from the … Read more

How to take out the battery

You will need – set wrenches; – pliers; – work clothes; – protective gloves; – clean breeze. Instruction 1 Install the vehicle on the horizontal surface. Be sure to take the key out of the ignition lock. Put on a work jumpsuit and protective gloves. 2 Open the hood of the car and find the … Read more

Where to pour oil for akpp

You will need – set of tools; – bucket; – branch; – tray gasket filter; – sealant. Instruction 1 There are two ways to change oil: partial and full-threaded. If the first option can be performed with their own hands, only specialists can make a full-fledged replacement, as it implies a complete change of oil … Read more

How to check the timing strap

Instruction 1 In what state is the timing belt without removing the plastic shroud or valve cover is impossible to know. But even then, the outside of the belt will show nothing. To determine what degree of wear it has, inspect its inner side, turn it inside out to do so. When checking the belt, … Read more

Why the machine bask

Instruction 1 Before checking why your car’s motor temperature suddenly began to rise, take the necessary measures safety: turn off the stove and drive to the curb. Open the hood cover and wait a while to allow the overheated engine to cool slightly. In no way do you cool the engine with icy water, as … Read more

How to check the racks on VAZ 2109

Checking the serviceability of shock absorption racks is simple, and it is quite possible to carry out it yourself. Modern telescopic struts are illegible, so when defects are detected are replaced with new ones. Checking in motion Initial check of shock absorption racks of the car VAZ – 2109 is carried out “by ear”, when … Read more

How to replace filters in car air conditioner

Used in them both mechanical and electric types of drives. It is important to replace the air conditioner filter in time to avoid health problems. Contaminated filters pose a risk to both the driver of the vehicle and its occupants. What diseases can entail contaminated filters Most often respiratory organs suffer from accumulated radiators of … Read more

How to remove the back wheel of a scooter

You will need – End wrench; – wooden bar; – piece of white fabric. Instruction 1 For more convenient removal of the wheel from the scooter, remove the muffler first. To do this, disconnect the seat and the lower plastic skirt, then you can loosen the screws that are involved in attaching the silencer to … Read more

How to service a cars spark plugs?

You will need -gasoline; -brush with steel lint; -20% solution of ammonium acetate; -hot water; -cylindrical probe; – key for adjusting the side electrode; -tester. Instruction 1 Examine the spark plugs of your car after it stops, because the candle looks vary depending on the mode of operation motor. If the candles are covered with … Read more