Than to fill a car drugst

The main composition of the first of all, the car kit must necessarily consist of sterile and non-sterile bandages of different widths, dressage package, bleeding harnesses, gauze wipes, leuko-patches, scissors and medical gloves. The optional medicines in the first aid kit should be presented with painkillers such as aspirin and analgin. It is also advisable … Read more

What are bixenon headlights

The main distinguishing features of bixenon headlamps The main difference between bixenon and xenon is the degree and method of fixing in the car headlight. Xenon lamps are fixed in one position, and bixenon can be adjusted by illuminating near or far objects. Most bixenon lamps are made complete with special lenses and “curtains”. This … Read more

How to choose a flavoring for auto

What kinds of flavors exist for auto  The main types of flavors for auto include፦ cardboard; – helium; – liquid; – natural flavors. Cardboard flavors for cars The simplest and most common flavoring option for cars is a cardboard figure impregnated with a special composition that evaporates pleasant fragrance. Often such products are made in … Read more

How to install antenna

Instruction 1 Take care of the antenna’s tight contact with the surface of the car. Signal quality depends on it. Some materials that are used to manufacture parts of a car body or are used to cover it are weak conductors, so installing an antenna on them will reduce the quality of its operation . … Read more

What is the drawing on the tires of the car

Symmetrical pattern The wheels with symmetrical directional pattern will never have problems with installation and replacement because the direction of rotation of the role does not play, $ and the wheel is placed on any axis and place. They are relatively inexpensive and quality. Many cars from the interior are immediately equipped with tires with … Read more

How to adapt throttle

You will need – diagnostic software or motor tester; – carburetor cleaner. Instruction 1 Perform the preparatory work before adapting. Remove the flap (for AWT engine models). If it is located on the side of the cabin (in vehicles with an ADR engine), remove all the tubes that close access to it. Rinse the throttle … Read more

How to choose a car refrigerator

Instruction 1 Determine the volumes of the car refrigerator. If you prefer to travel by a large company or family for long distances, then you should stop your choice on a model of at least thirty liters. The longer your trips, the larger the refrigerator will need. Fans to travel for short distances, quite useful … Read more

How to set temperature on car alarms

Instruction 1 Enter startup mode and select the temperature option that suits you. For the diesel engine is suitable temperature -10 degrees, for new gasoline (provided the battery is charged) you can choose and -18 degrees. If you are not sure about your car, you should not set the temperature below 20 degrees – the … Read more