How should you check tons

Instruction 1 Tinted glass must meet GOST requirements. To establish this fact, the inspector must use a special (please note, certified) instrument. Today such instruments may be several: “Blick”, “Tonic”, “Raster” most common. Externally, they look like a trauma gun. In addition to certification, instruments must be validated and have a compliance mark. 2 Instruments, … Read more

How to act in an accident

Instruction 1 If there are victims, first call an ambulance and provide medical assistance. Call traffic police and call your insurance company, giving your data and the location of the accident. Without documentary registration, no company will pay insurance reimbursement, and therefore it is necessary to record what happened. 2 Drivers who have been involved … Read more

How are fined for parking in an unlaid place

Since July 1, 2012, fines for parking in an unplaced place have increased several times. The measure aims to eliminate congestion and prevent emergency situations. More recently, the car fleet in the Russian Federation has expanded many times. Banks willingly lend to citizens to purchase cars. Congestion and traffic jams are not just the fate … Read more