How to ride in the rain?

Instruction 1 Should be doubly careful behind the wheel in the first hour after the rain. After all, on the road dust, sand and oil turn into an invisible layer of mud that can be very slippery. Therefore, leaving, move not fast, and avoid sharp braking and maneuvers. 2 If you need to make a … Read more

How to get a gazelle in frost

Instruction 1 Make sure the battery is healthy. It will depend on this unit, how efficiently the starter will be able to start the engine. If you have to operate Gazelle in harsh conditions, install a more powerful battery in advance and change it to a new one in a timely manner. The optimal battery … Read more

Why women cant park

Instruction 1 Version #1. English scientists, surveying the entire population of the country, found that for 75% of women to hand over backwards is one of the most difficult manoeuvres in driving, with one in four the lady doesn’t know how to park properly. 2 Also, among 4,500 motorist participants, three-quarters of women admitted to … Read more

What the driver should carry with it

What should the driver carry with him? Probably, every motorist knows the answer to this question. To begin with, it is necessary to understand that the driver has to carry with it according to the Russian legislation, well, and then — what it is necessary to have with yourself, in order not to get into … Read more

How to touch correctly on a mechanic

Instruction 1 Mechanics work is based on clutch. This mechanism connects the gearbox that is in the cabin of your car to the internal combustion engine. Then the vehicle is ready to touch from the place. 2 Find a suitable area with a flat surface for your first lessons. Prepare the car: adjust the rear-view … Read more

How to switch smooth

Instruction 1 The only device that will be able to tell you at what point you need to switch speed so that the machine smoothly and without tremors switched – tachometer. This device determines how much revolutions per unit time the engine makes. If the tachometer arrow approaches the red band, it means it’s time … Read more