How profitable to buy a car

Instruction 1 Prices for the same model of the car can vary considerably in different salons. To choose the optimal cost, you need to compare several offers from different places. 2 Car sales are often held in saloons. They are timed to coincide with the holidays, and at a reduced price, models of past seasons … Read more

How to get a car for free

Instruction 1 Actually everyone has a chance to get a car for free, and it doesn’t need to be a long-legged blonde with outstanding virtues.$ It is enough to simply put some effort into achieving your own goal. You need to be persistent and constantly be in touch with someone who can provide a car … Read more

How to define a painted car

You will need – Thickness Number Instruction 1 If the whole car or some component of it have been repainted, with a high probability that the unit has been repaired or replaced. And therefore, the car has been in a road accident or otherwise received damage. The effects of repairs, however thoroughly they masquerade, can … Read more

What is eco-dwelling

Fundamentals of eco-construction — application of modern technologies, emphasis on saving resources and maximizing use of natural materials. “Green” housing can be contrasted with stone jungles, but not to be confused with lodges in the village. It is possible to highlight the main features of the eco-house, which distinguishes it from other types of housing: … Read more

How to buy out a stake in an apartment

You will need – passport; – document certifying ownership of the share; – notarized refusal of the owner from purchase of the share; – other documents corresponding to the features of the transaction. Instruction 1 Note that the legislation grants a pre-emptive right to repurchase equity property from others owners to those who have their … Read more