Operation life of the pans

What make pans Shape and design features of pans remain unchanged for many centuries — round bottom with skirts of different heights, to which attached handle, with a handle made of thermal insulation material, which used to be used wood, and today special metal alloys or bakelite. Recently there have been skillets of square shape … Read more

How to choose a non-stick skille

Instruction 1 Note the thickness of the non-stick coating. The thicker it is, the longer the life of the pan will be. According to Russian standards, this figure should not be less than 20 µm. Eminent manufacturers in the manufacture of dishes use new technologies and cover their dishes with a five-layer composition. Each layer … Read more

How to choose grill

Instruction 1 Grates are of two types: with one plane and legs – mounted over coals using legs. The food on it is flipped with a fork or special forceps. The second type is a two-plane closing with a handle. Handles are usually made of wood or latex so as not to burn their hands … Read more

Electric kettle of ceramic

What different ceramic kettles The most important difference from the usual plastic and metal kettles is the design. Traditional electric kettles, as a rule, are decorated in the style of high-tech, in this performance these materials look most organically. But, no matter how beautiful and original metal or plastic kettles look, they are not used … Read more