Select intercom with surveillance

Video intercom functionality, equipped with video surveillance function, allows you to install two-way voice communication with the visitor at the same time allowing you to see it on the screen of the video monitor mounted in the home control. The outer part of this device, which is mounted at the front door or at several, … Read more

Metal grilles on windows: forged or welded?

Metal grilles on windows, especially on lower floors is an important safety measure. Because, through windows to houses, apartments and office premises often come up by malefactors! However, a reasonable precaution should not be allowed to make the building look like a prison, fortress or any other regime object. Therefore, the grille must be not … Read more

The whole truth about fire doors

What are fire doors Made in exact accordance with technical regulations the fire door will be a reliable barrier in the way of the fire, will give time and opportunity to evacuate people and valuable property.$ When purchasing such a door it is necessary to pay attention to certain features. These doors are mainly made … Read more

Danger in the give

Unfortunately, for all warnings people continue to respect heating regulations blithely, allowing carbon monoxide leakage. First of all, it concerns citizens who are not familiar with the peculiarities of ovens, bourgeois, stacks, fireplaces and other pre-flood heating systems. The most dangerous thing is to stay alone with a wrongly stomping oven overnight. Precautions 1.$ Don’t … Read more

Lifting Sectional Garage Gates

What is the advantages of lifting sectional gates Since recently, lifting sectional gates are becoming more popular. When opened, their canvas, consisting of sections on hinges, moves smoothly up the guides and is placed under the garage ceiling. Lifting sectional gates can be installed in the room with any form of doorway: rectangular, beveled, arched. … Read more

Automatic fire extinguishing plants: pros and cons

Water systems Sprinkler (water) fire suppression system is the most common to date. Its action is based on the supply of pressurized water from special sprinklers — sprinklers that connect to an autonomous supply system. At the moment, it is the most inexpensive system available for both large commercial buildings and smaller spaces. It was … Read more

Automatic garage gates: pros and cons

What are the advantages of automatic garage doors You decided to install automatic garage doors? In which case you have to weigh all the pros and cons. What can be attributed to the “pro” group? First of all, automatic gates are very convenient to operate. The whole thing is that they can be opened with … Read more