How to plaster a ceile

You will need – Level; – Spatula (large and small); – Perforator with nozzle – mixer; – Primer; – Roller; – Tray for priming; – Bucket for kneading plaster solution; – Brush. Instruction 1 The first thing to do is remove old finishing materials (whitewash, wallpaper, paint) from the ceiling to the stove overlaps using … Read more

Choice of electric tile

Features of Electric Tile Cutter Electric Tile – the best device for processing ceramic tiles, unlike manual tile, it does not leave sharp edges, and gently circles them. With it, you can give a tile almost any shape, that is, to create curly elements from rectangular tiles. Electric tile cutter allows you to cut pieces … Read more

Which coating is better for the floor – laminate or PVC tile?

Laminate: advantages and disadvantages Laminate – multi-layered flooring, consisting of cardboard and paper, on the outside applied plastic film with pattern or sometimes furniture foil. Due to this top layer, laminate can mimic many natural coatings, mainly these are different types of wood or also ceramic tiles. Laminate slabs have a lock joint of a … Read more

Steel heating radiators

Steel radiator design A steel radiator is a panel of two welded together in several places of steel sheets. Spot welding areas divide the radiator space and form channels through which the heat carrier, usually hot water, moves. A steel radiator can consist of multiple panels. Sheets from which the panel is made are usually … Read more