Acrylic bath liner

Pros of acrylic liners It’s no secret that repair work in the bathroom – a case of laborious and very costly. But living with a ragged, dirty and chapped capacity for taking water treatments is not too pleasant, and in some cases even unsafe for health. If, for any reason, dismantling an old cast iron … Read more

Whats better: A sewer system or a septic tank made of concrete rings?

Types of sewage systems What autonomous sewage system will be necessary and sufficient for your family is determined by its needs and conditions exploitation. Today, there are many options of different cost and design features. The simplest and most affordable can be attributed to the so-called cesspits. Not so long ago, 20 years ago, they … Read more

Cast iron radiators for heating: making the right choice

Advantages and disadvantages of cast iron radiators Today manufacturers offer a large range of radiators from different metals and alloys: bimetallic, aluminum, steel and cast iron. But, if you remember, in old buildings there were always cast-iron radiators installed, and this was not easy, because the quality of technical water used in centralized heating systems … Read more

Building toilet and hostblock: together or separately?

What is a household block and how it differs from a residential structure It is known that the state authorities of architectural supervision sufficiently seriously control the implementation of building codes, which relate to any buildings, even on private landholdings. According to the SniPAMs operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, the main criterion … Read more

How to choose an aquafilter

Instruction 1 When selecting an aquafilter, you must immediately determine what purpose it is purchased. If you need drinking water – the filter requires running drinking, if the water is enough to clean from mechanical impurities – purchase a mechanical purification filter. The ideal option will be to install in the apartment several aquafilters – … Read more

Steel pipes for water supply and heating

Advantages and disadvantages of steel pipes Designing a water supply and heating system, the owner of the house will definitely decide which pipes to choose. In addition to traditionally used steel pipes, the construction market today offers pipes made of copper, polymers and metalloplastic. There is no dispute, new technologies and materials have their advantages, … Read more