How to properly make paths in a garden

You will need – sand; – paving material; – ruberoid; – drainage. Instructions 1 Before starting work on the construction of paths, consider the layout of their placement. If you have a large number of regular style elements in the design of your garden, the paths should be straight. Landscape styles suggest the presence of … Read more

Japanese garden with your hands

Instruction 1 The main motto of the Japanese garden is contemplation, all elements are harmonious and symbolic. Each symbol emphasizes the uniqueness of nature, shows its natural beauty, such elements are water, stones and plants. 2 There are several kinds of Japanese gardens. The first type is a garden of stones. A garden in which … Read more

Lawns: Types, Landing, Leaves

The distinctive feature of the modern lawn is its manoeuvre, while the lawn suggests a natural origin, partly ennobled by the owner of the land of the site. Symbols of aristocratism, English lawn-lounes (a word found in the name “loun-tennis”), once emphasized the wealth of families that allowed themselves to occupy vast territories highly aesthetic … Read more

How to make paving slab

You’ll need Water, River Sand, Cement (m 500), Machine Oil, Drill with Nozzle Mixer, Tile Shapes, Measuring Packaging, Spatula, Level, Capacity for mortar, kiyanka. Instruction 1 Prepare the solution. Into plastic container, fill sand and cement (3:1). Stir the composition of the drill until dough. Leave the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes, and then … Read more

What tracks to make on the plot

What are the tracks? When choosing the color and material for the garden track, guide the design of the lot as a whole. The track should harmonize with its surroundings, not be issued with a contrasting detail. Tracks made of bulk materials — soil, gravel, rubble, sand — are more demanding to care. They need … Read more

How to plant burial places

Picking up plants for planting on the grave is necessary, taking into account how often you will be able to visit it while caring for them. After all, some spectacular plants can maintain their ornamentality only with regular watering, removal of faded inflorescences, pruning, feeding. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to what … Read more