Modern facade materials

Categories of facade materials These include protective impregnation, insulation, hydrophobizers, plates, panels, paint formulations, composites, masonry materials, $ plasters and so on. They all have to be resistant to weathering and flushing because they will be permanently exposed to adverse effects. Insulation for external walls Protection of the house against cold and heat loss is … Read more

Which is better: well or well?

Advantages and disadvantages of a well Compare well and well in quality is incorrect because the well has too many advantages. First, the well provides virtually unlimited amounts of water, as it is drilled so deep that it passes through several layers of sandy soils where inexhaustible reserves are water, whereas the well usually does … Read more

How to choose automatic gate

Sliding or roll-back gates This type of automatic gate is recommended to choose when you need to ensure reliable protection of the territory. It is advisable to install on industrial sites, at the entrance to the protected area of private ownership or whole cottage village. Installing a sliding gate would require a mandatory supply of … Read more

Drainage systems: types, installation

Varieties Drainage systems can be closed and open. Closed drainage is noted as more efficient and rational for use. It consists of drainage pipes that are hermetically isolated from each other. Usually their installation is carried out in special trenches dug in a sandy-rubble layer. Open drainage is interconnected channels placed in rubble casing on … Read more

Plastic cellar – getting rid of dampness and splashing

Advantages of plastic cellar The plastic, like the material used in the manufacture of cellar, has much more advantages. First, it’s much cheaper. Second, you won’t have a problem with corrosion and waterproofing. Third, the plastic cellar is easy to install. In addition, such construction can be operated in low-lying areas. This guarantees 100 percent … Read more