How to get rid of plum pigs

You will need – saw; – arboricides; – herbicides; – drill; – capacity for herbicides; – polyethylene film. Instruction 1 Use to remove plum powder arboricides. These special drugs are designed to kill weed plants and unwanted tree plantings. Means penetrate the root system of the piglets and do not harm the main tree. After … Read more

How to look after violet

You will need a flower pot with a diameter of 10 cm, ground for violets (senpolium), fertiliser for flowering plants, water Instructions 1 Fragile violet roots require loose, airy soil. You can use the purchase mixture for violets (senpoli) or mix the ground with peat in relation to 2:1. 2 Pot choose small, for a … Read more

How to grow courgets

You will need – seeds; – seedling cups – fertile earth – acrylic – polyethylene film – ash; – overturned. Instructions 1 For 25-30 days before landing in the open ground, start growing courgette seedling. Note that courgettes are afraid of minus temperature, so choose seed sowing time depending on your region. In the middle … Read more

How to grow strawberries from seeds

Selection and preparation of strawberry seeds for planting On the counters in shops sell a large variety of strawberry seeds (popularly called strawberries) different varieties, including white and yellow. The cost of the bag is inexpensive, so you can plant several varieties at once and choose the most suitable for yourself. To collect garden strawberry … Read more

6 important rules for lush hydrangea flower

Rule No. 1: choice of variety  Lush bloom hydrangea depends largely on the variety. Luxurious flowering is distinguished by the following varieties: “Limelight”; “Phantom”; “Vanilla Frace”; “Mega Mindy”. Rule No. 2: competent planting For a lush bloom, it is important to properly plant hydrangea. Pick up a place in the half-shade and protected from the … Read more

How to care for azalia home

Flowering occurs during the winter months. Azalea blooms mostly white, red and pink. Azalea is a demanding plant, but if you provide it with perfect conditions from the start, it will delight you with abundant flowering. Important factors responsible: 1. Irrigation regularity. Although it is one of the plants that likes the wet soil, it … Read more

Energy of room flowers in the house

Flowers with positive energy have beneficial effects on the health of residents and relationships in the family. Such plants include geranium, myrtle, thickberry, violet, poinsettia, and chrysanthemum. Each of them, giving their energy, nourishes your home with tranquillity and appeasement. Geranium will calm nerves and clear the air, myrtle will help to establish a relationship … Read more