Red in the interior — advantages and disadvantages;

For this reason not every designer will decide to create an absolutely red interior. Using such color in the house requires real creative thinking, courage and, of course, professionalism. If a talented designer decides to embody the idea of a completely red interior, the result is something stunning and luxurious. In everyday life, however, people … Read more

Different options for interior design apartment

Popular views and directions of interior design Classic is a combination of splendor and maximum functionality. Classical interior is divided into:– Empire (solemn style with triumphant elements);– Baroque style (expanse, lush and majesty of detail);– Rococo (finesse, grace and intimacy of the setting);– Classicism (solidity, antiquity, presence of stucco, marble, art parquet and other elements … Read more

Secrets of plasterboard ceilings

Drywall ceilings The main material used to mount the suspended ceiling is drywall. For this purpose, a drywall sheet measuring 12.5 or 9.5 mm thick is usually taken. Only the second option is used for apartments, as it facilitates the construction as well as the installation process. For bathrooms it is recommended to use moisture-resistant … Read more