Secrets of growing lobelia

Why lobelia is so popular Lobelia (lobelia) belongs to the bellflower family. The plant prefers stony and moist soils. The main advantages of lobelia are that its small, gently blue or blue flowers are perfectly combined with other large and bright plants, making up a fine background in any floral arrangement. This is why lobelia … Read more

How to decorate the plot at the cottage with your hands

You can learn design in courses. You can invite a specialist. And it’s better to include your own fantasy – it’s both cheaper and interesting. There are two main design styles: classical – with strict geometric shapes; landscape – gentle and romantic, with maximum proximity to wildlife. Landscaping with your own hands: create a “magical … Read more

How to make a garden swing

Garden swing from wood When making garden swings, it is necessary to set the load-bearing support correctly for them. Of course, the iron support will be more reliable and stronger than from bars and logs. However, it can only be made with the help of a welding machine. For those who do not have this … Read more

Modern designs of wooden houses

Advantages of wooden houses The tradition of wooden housebuilding dates back more than one thousand years. In the period of general industrialization, the emergence of concrete and foam blocks, wood as a material for building houses has fallen into the background. However, it did not disappear altogether. This material was often used in the construction … Read more