How to remove a stain from a red wine on a carpet?

You will need – cloth/towel/paper wipes; – sponge; – water; – carpet shampoo; – glycerin; – denaturate ( denatured alcohol). Instruction 1 Immediately wet the spot, then apply a sponge with warm water several times. Try rinsing the stain with water from the siphon: carbonated water and spray effect produce good results. 2 Rinse dry … Read more

Floor covering: carpet or carpet?

The merits and disadvantages of Carpet Carpet is not only beautiful, but also mobile coverage. It is placed on the floor as it is more convenient to residents (carpets can be of different lengths – meter, 2-meter, etc.). With wet floor cleaning, the carpet can easily be rolled into a tube. Similarly, it can easily … Read more

How to choose material for storm

Buying material for curtains Before going to the store for ready curtains or cloth for them, you need to decide what to buy. If you have not previously had business with window decoration, you can easily “get lost” in curtains models or fabric names, mix tapestry with lambreken or, without seeing the difference, buy instead … Read more

How to choose a bath mat

Types of mats to the bathroom The process of selecting a mat may prove harder than at first glance. The mat should be chosen by size and color – everyone knows it. But there are rubber and silicone mats, smooth and fluffy, acrylic and bamboo, with massage effect. How to choose from such a variety? … Read more

How to make corks

You will need – fabric; – thread in the tone of the fabric; – curtain cover; – sewing accessories. Instruction 1 Determine the required length of the curtains. To do this without error, you need to hang a cornice and then measure the distance from the hooks to the desired length, such as to the … Read more