Bamboo parket

Color of bamboo parquet Natural color bamboo light yellow, but when heated you can get dark shades, down to dark amber. Coffee color is obtained when heating the source material without adding dye, it occurs because of the presence of sugar in the composition of bamboo. Manufacturing When making flooring, bamboo is split into several … Read more

Ceramic brick: types, dimensions, application

Ceramic brick is quite widely applied in construction. This is due to its universal technical characteristics, which allow it to be suitable both for basic construction works and for finishing. Features of ceramic brick Ceramic brick has several different types: – building; – hollow;– facing (or face). Mixed types of ceramic bricks are very common. … Read more

How to buy building materials

Ratio of quality and affordable price The quality of the purchased construction products is obliged to control the foreman involved in the construction works. In large-scale works, it is best to resort to purchases at factories or to purchase material from large wholesale companies. Thus, savings can amount to 20% relative to the project, and … Read more

What types of insulation exists

There are many types of insulation: these are traditional keramsite, slag concrete or straw, and modern materials — foam, glass wool, polyurethane foam. In the ranking of the most popular insulation in our country, the first places are taken by foam, mineral wool and ecowat. Mineral wool Mineral insulation in plates or rolls is one … Read more

Myths about Finnish metal tile

What is metal shingles Essentially it is a profiled galvanized steel sheet that has a colored polymer protective coating. In Finland, manufacturers use 0.5 mm thick steel sheet, which is galvanized and covered with a passivating layer, primer and outer layer of polymer coating. This technology provides high quality because the passivating layer protects galvanizing … Read more

What quartz sand is for

Optical glass Glass is known to be obtained from sand, but sand does not fit everyone. The raw materials required for optical glass must have special qualities. First and foremost, it has to be clean. Quartz sand is pure SiO2 silicon dioxide with virtually no impurities. It is this property that allows you to cook … Read more