What vaccinations a kitten needs

What are vaccinations Among the diseases from which kittens are inoculated, the most common are such dangerous diseases such as rabies, infectious peritonitis, feline leukemia, viral rhinoracheitis, as well as panleukopenia. Individual preferences depend on the terrain in which your pet is and will reside, age, and whether it will be in contact with other … Read more

How to get rabies vaccinated for dogs

Rules for vaccination Physicians veterinarians recommend that animal owners comply with three very important organizational rules.$ The first involves the healthy state of your pet. Only such an animal should receive the necessary injection, which is essentially the introduction of a more attenuated strain of infection into the body. The veterinarian to whom the animal … Read more

How to treat colitis in cats

Symptoms of the disease Colitis — a disease of the large intestine. The cat can outwardly be perfectly healthy and playful, but if during defecation a chair with mucus and blood impurities was noticed, it is necessary to worry about your pet. It’s the surest sign of colitis. Also in the cat can be observed … Read more

Why does a dog have eyes gnot

Causes of purulent secretions from the dog’s eyes The main causes of purulent secretions can be attributed:– – diseases of a viral nature –strepto- or staphylococcal infection– acute conjunctivitis– eye injuries with infection. These secretions appear in corneal and eyelid diseases, and are also one of the symptoms of a dangerous disease such as plague. … Read more

How to help a cat move away from drugs

First day After the return of the operated cat home it must be put on a warm bedding , bed on the floor, and monitor the absence of drafts in the room. An animal after anaesthetic cannot be placed on a sofa or chair because its movements at this time will not be coordinated, causing … Read more

What to do if a cat is nauseated

Causes of vomiting reaction in cats The most common cause of vomiting in cats is plain wool. This is because they lick out their wool every day, thus cleaning it. Therefore, it is not surprising that lumps of wool get into the stomach of your pet and begin to irritate the GI tract. In the … Read more

How to choose a veterinar

Quite often there are people who, for some far-fetched or real reasons, don’t like to deal with representatives of official medicine. In principle, it is a personal matter for every adult to monitor the state of his body or not, but if such a person has a pet, he is solely responsible for the animal … Read more

How animals help people

Instruction 1 Treatment involving dogs – canisterapia. This method of rehabilitation and therapy tends to help people with social adaptation problems and disabilities. Canisterapia is performed involving pre-trained animals. Communicating with a dog affects learning abilities and speech development, helps focus. After this therapy, visible improvements are noted. The person becomes more disheveled, better recognises … Read more

How rabies manifest in dogs

Instruction 1 Distinguish exuberant and quiet manifestation of disease. In the first case, the animal’s behavior undergoes significant changes. The dog becomes sluggish and apathetic, it’s missing appetite. The animal refuses to perform commands, seeks refuge in a quiet, light-protected place. 2 At times, a sick dog becomes obsessively affectionate. She persistently seeks the host’s … Read more

What to do if a dog vomits from

Causes of dog vomiting Frequent vomiting accompanied by loss of appetite, increased drowsiness, constipation, diarrhea, depression and dehydration of the body signal problems with the dog’s health. Its cause may be inappropriate or poor quality food, dog eating food waste, presence of foreign bodies in the stomach, as well as plague, enteritis and other viral … Read more