Family member – guinea pig

Guinea pig is one of the best animals for a child, it will never bite or show aggression. Even with severe irritation, the beast just blows a tooth. These pets are very attached to humans and also love stroking. The pedigree animal is quite beautiful. Eating only inexpensive plant food, and in summer grass. With … Read more

Than to feed the Syrian hamster

Syrian hamster is the very first breeder-bred species of these rodents. There is a mass of opinion the better to feed the rodent. There are only 3 types of feeding. Feeding specialized commercial cereal mixtures, natural food and mixed feeding type. Grain feed This type of feeding is considered optimal, according to the producers, in … Read more

How many years a land turtle has lived

What species of turtles live on Earth A similar separation of all existing land turtles on our planet occurs, mostly consistent with geographical origin:American tortoises (coal, Argentine, forest and elephant), which have a length of 25 and up to 122 centimeters and inhabit the territory of South America and Galapagos islands– Asian (brown and pressed) … Read more

Than to feed a decorative rabbit

Basic rules. How to feed rabbits? Unfortunately, buying this type of pets, it is necessary to take into account the fact that genetically ornamental rabbits more are located to problems with digestion than their cogenerates of meat breeds. They can be triggered by interrelated interbreeding, hereditary diseases and the fact that animals still live in … Read more

How horses see

Instruction 1 Horse is a herbivorous animal sacrifice hunted by wild beasts. Due to this, the horses had to develop acute vision. After all, they need to notice an approaching predator as early as possible. If you’re wondering what troubled the horse, pay attention to its ears. They will be directed to where the animal … Read more

Features of caracal content in home conditions

Instruction 1 All caracal owners must understand that this animal is a predator. Still ancient Persians tamed unusual lynxes to use them in hunting. When kept at home, the cat needs to create the most favorable conditions, so it is especially recommended to settle them not in cramped apartments, but in spacious street enclosures. 2 … Read more

How turtles breath

Instruction 1 On the structure of the respiratory system of turtles are not too different from other animals. They have well-developed lungs, with which they inhale and exhale air. However, the turtles do not have a chest. They do not breathe due to the convergence and divergence of the ribs, as this is hindered by … Read more