Why would a cat leak

Not all owners having a cat at home uncontrollably release the animal outside. If the cat rarely leaves the confines of the apartment, it will be safer and more convenient if the owners take it out for a walk, using a special walking ammunition – collar, plume, leash. Cat on a leash is quite common. … Read more

Cat house with your hands

You will need plywood sheets- 8-10 cm thick, PVA glue, self-cutters, polyethylene pipe (1 m long, 11 cm diameter), rope, material for upholstery, fixing corners, foam. Instruction 1 From plywood cut the top shelf 50X60 cm. Cover it with a foam and cover with a cloth. 2 Doing a cabin box. Cut out the plywood … Read more

How to buy a cat leash

Choosing a leash, it is advisable to determine what amenities you would like to get with it. In order to control the animal, you can choose a not very long model. Most cats feel good when using a leash with a plume, but if the animal does not like this design, it is better to … Read more