How to name a puppy toy-terrier

Characteristics of Toy Terrier Height of Toy Terriers at the withers — about 30 cm, color — shades of brown tones. Externally, thanks to large bulging eyes and large standing ears, they resemble deer on their thin slender feet. This breed is considered decorative, so it feels great in the apartment, toev can easily be … Read more

What properties a cocker spaniel

English Cocker Spaniels This First English breed was recognized as such in 1892, its purposefully bred for hunting small game. During the official existence of the breed, its standard has been clarified several times, now the latest version, approved in 1969, is in force. The English Cocker Spaniel is a small (up to 11 kg) … Read more

How to choose a york

Instruction 1 When planning to purchase a puppy, contact a canine organisation dedicated to breeding Yorkshire terriers. You will be advised by suitable breeders ready to provide puppies for sale. This is especially important if you plan to expose a future dog or use it for breeding. Deciding to buy a puppy by the ad, … Read more

How much a husky dog costs

Features of breed to How many people occurred to purchase such a dog, without considering the features of this breed! The result of such a rash step becomes that in the dog market quite often sell already adult dogs — they just didn’t suit their owners, who purchased them only for attractive appearance. Husky is … Read more

Is it worth getting a dog — Pomeranian spitz

Get a dog seems to be easier. It can be taken from the street, from the shelter, from the hands, or bought from the breeder. Everyone chooses the most optimal and desired option for themselves. However, when it comes to living things, it is important to give yourself time to think well, to analyze the … Read more

How many years dogs live

How long dogs live the duration of dog life depends largely on what breed it is to refers to. Dogs of small breeds live longer and it is hoped that your pug, chihuahua or york will live to 17 years, however, big poodles also usually live long — on average 15-17 years. Staffordshire terriers, English … Read more

Than Asian shepherds differ from other dogs

The breed evolved in natural conditions, by selecting the traits needed by a person. The result of such selection was large, beautiful dogs, staunch shepherds, able to tolerate heat and frost and without thinking to engage in a fight with the wolf. Appearance of Alabay is powerful, harmoniously folded moloss. Males are more massive than … Read more

Riddle of the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback – dog of comparatively small sizes, height at the withers usually does not exceed 70 cm. The muscular physique allows the dog to be very hardy, withstand heavy loads and travel long distances. Although accounts of dogs very reminiscent of ridgeback are found in ancient manuscripts and legends, this breed was officially recognized … Read more

How much does puppy dachshund cost

Features of breeding dachshund If you are going to purchase a dachshund, of course you will be interested to know in how much this purchase will cost. How many people who want to buy a pedigree dog do not even occur that often the high price for a puppy is covered by its cost. After … Read more