What breed is the kitten from the Whiskas” advertisement

Breed Standard To create commercials, Viscas feed producers selected breed representatives scottish strait. It is a breed of straight-skinned Scottish cats, isolated more recently. Until 2005, the Striites were recorded as a British breed, but this caused confusion. Today, the Scottish strait is one of the most popular and sought-after breeds. Externally, these cats do … Read more

Features of Egyptian Mao

Care for wool and claws Representatives of breed possess short wool, so comb the cat enough once a week. This will prevent wool from appearing throughout the house. If desired, the procedure can be repeated at least every day, cats like it. It is important to pick the right brush that will not damage the … Read more

How to look after the Canadian Sphinx

Instruction 1 Quality dry feed will be suitable for feeding. But sphinx kitties differ omnivore. With pleasure they will eat meat, dairy products, porridge, and some “lysiki” can eat vegetables, fruits and even sweets. With the latter you need to be tidier, and, if your pet loves them, don’t pamper it with sweet often. 2 … Read more

How to define the character of a cat by color

Character of cats by color of the Clady and gentle character are distinguished by kittens of black color. They are obedient and sensitive, perfectly feel people’s mood, love weasel. A black kitten will be very happy to communicate with you. If you reciprocate, it will love you and attach itself to you. Also, black kittens … Read more