How hamsters live

Instruction 1 Hamsters – Night Animals. The peak of their activity is between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. So if you don’t want pets to wake you up with their rustling, arrange a cage or aquarium in a spare room or in the hallway. Despite their size, these animals are very noisy, they bury feed … Read more

What are dangerous

The biggest aesthetic problem for owners is confused wool or coltunes in an animal. They appear in long-haired cats regardless of their habitat. Harms to Health Fallout naturally wool is tangled in long wool and cannot leave the coat of the cat themselves – they need to be combed. It is worth only skipping one … Read more

Cat feeding rules

Instruction 1 to a cat in no case can be given food that is intended for dogs, such food does not contain necessary for a cat of nutrients. 2 All sorts of treats and food from the farm table are permissible not more than twice a week. Additional treats should not exceed 20% of the … Read more

When to do a cat sterilization

For what you need sterilization of cats Sterilization — intra-cavity surgery to remove ovaries, after which the cat is forever denied the opportunity to have offspring. It would seem that if the cat lives at home and doesn’t go out, this operation could not be done. But this is not the case — every estrus … Read more

How to walk a dog

Memo for those who first got a dog and discover a new world of daily walks. As they say, welcome to the club! Rule 1: your phone is a distraction. While you’re flipping tape, responding to messages and processing fresh photos, your pet can eat something off the ground, drastically curl in the direction of … Read more

Why do a pregnant cat move heavily kittens

How pregnancy goes in cats On average pregnancy in cats lasts 9 weeks and how soon the cat is will give birth, depends on the number of kittens worn by her. The more there are, the sooner childbirth will take place. Usually this condition all cats, even rare breeds, carry perfectly normally and special veterinary … Read more

How to care for pets in molting season

Seasonal molting is a natural process that occurs twice a year. Depending on the individual characteristics of the animal, the change of wool in domestic cats and dogs lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months. The moulting process can be accelerated, for this purpose special preparations and vitamin complexes have been developed. But before applying … Read more

Care for found puppy

If you already have other animals in your house, you shouldn’t immediately introduce the puppy to them. It is not known how he will react. Besides, he may be sick. It’s better to keep it for two or three weeks in a separate room until it gets stronger, gets used to you, and until you … Read more

How to Train a Bear

Instruction 1 But don’t think a bear can become a man’s friend, and never try to befriend him. The bear is considered to be one of the most ferocious predators, according to the trainers, to work with a bear much more dangerous than with a tiger or a lion. Bears sometimes have unexplained and uncontrollable … Read more

How to wash out a Yorkshire terrier

You will need shampoo for dogs, balm for dogs, towel, hair dryer, anti-coltunes Instruction 1 Before washing the dog it is necessary to comb the wool, paying special attention to the armpits and abdomen. If there are coltunes, then they need to be soaked with water, oil or special means and disassembled. Dry coltunes are … Read more