With what kinds of fish neona fiss

Content Features Try to bring the conditions of fish content as close as natural as possible. That is, give up bright lighting, maintain water temperature 18-28 degrees. Create shaded zones. Neons fish love a large number of dangling roots, living plants, stones, snags and other hideouts. They often swim in the water column. These fish … Read more

How to wash plants from an aquarium

You will need – solution of manganese acid potassium – solution of hydrogen peroxide – solution of methylene blue – warm water – container for washing plants. Instruction 1 It is necessary to equip the aquarium with a water filter. It needs to be washed regularly and disinfected (once every 2-3 weeks). In addition, a … Read more

How to contain a goldfish in a round aquarium

Features of goldfish content Goldfish are considered to be among the hardiest inhabitants aquariums. They are able to withstand quite significant water cooling or heating it. It is recommended to equip aquariums with special temperature control devices, but goldfish can simply change water more often and provide the necessary care. In a natural environment, goldfish … Read more

How to contain laliuss

Lalius males among themselves are aggressive. You can get a few males if the aquarium is very large, but it is also necessary to divide the territory into areas. These aquarium fish can’t be settled with cockerels and barbuses. Lalius content features These aquarium fish are easy to maintain, but still a few rules should … Read more

Content of aquarium pangasius

How to contain a regular closed aquarium will suffice. Its volume should be approximately 350 litres. Take large stones as bottoms. You can add some snags to the aquarium, plant plants (their roots should be securely fixed in the soil). Aquarium fish pangasius is considered to be heat-loving species, it is not possible to lower … Read more

How to contain a veiletail fish

Vualetail content Features A pair of these fish requires an aquarium of 50 liters. Wish more beauty, then provide a larger aquarium. These fish can live even in pools and ponds. Of course, they should be moved to the aquarium in the cold. Vualetails are demanding to saturate water with oxygen, to its purity. Therefore, … Read more

How to install a heater in an aquarium

For fish comfort, installing an aquarium heater is an important if not fundamental condition. A well-known fact is that most species of fish, which are generally considered aquarium, are from tropical, very warm areas. There the temperature varies significantly from the one that is familiar for modern dwellings of Russians, where the average temperature of … Read more

What is interesting fish-knife

External features of the knife-fish Apteronotus hails from the riding of the great Amazon River, belongs to the unit of Atherontonians. Only one of its appearance strikes the imagination: the deep black fish lacks its usual fins, and the shape of its body resembles an eel or moray. The lower fin, which creates oscillating movements, … Read more