What store to open

Finding a niche

The idea of creating “one more” clothing store or “one more” deli may not be the most successful in view of its obviousness. Therefore, long before opening the outlet, it is necessary to analyze the market. The best store is where it’s really needed. It’s silly to open the city’s biggest grocery store on the outskirts. It’s good to open a stationery store near the university. It is only a principle, it is necessary to take into account also competition, but the idea is clear – only by solving other people’s problems, doing it well, you can create a profitable shop.

Apart from your ideas, you can take advantage of the offers of chain stores. Souvenir “Red Cube”, clothing stores Zara, Sela, chains of pharmacies “Rainbow” actively seek partners who want to expand their network, taking advantage of the well-known brand. Consider whether there is a need for a specific region in the store of a well-known chain. If the answer is positive, you can buy the franchise.


Famous business wisdom – as long as you think about competitors, you stomp on the spot. The best way to “fight” competitors is to improve your enterprise. And yet, what if competitors fight you with dishonourable methods – temporary price cuts, destruction of your advertising, “dirty” rumors about your products? If multiple manufacturers have conspired against each other against you, you can contact the Federal Antitrust Service (FAS). FAS specialists will investigate your market and influence the improvement of the situation.

Assessment of logistics

you will not be able to create a competitive store if you do not think about the optimal delivery system of goods. Value added can appear on any site, whether it be a rail terminal or customs office. Warehouse resources are also important. Delivery of goods from Chinese factories can provide sufficient margin from each sold goods, but the cargo needs to be delivered to the Chinese border, carried out through customs (customs clearance can “get lost” ” 10% to 200% of the cost).

Is there a “monopoly”?

The search for a kind of “monopoly” distinguishes most entrepreneurs. Only offer a unique product or services you can get super profits. Monopolies of sorts have companies Apple, Microsoft and Google, they are sought by fashion stores Zara and Lindex, they are protected by jewelry chain Tiffani. The legislation prevents natural monopolies on food, vital goods and services. But there is no monopoly on emotion.

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