What is the entity of the organization

Organize — means to unite people or technical means for the sake of getting a result, as well as coordinate and regulate their activities, guided by the company’s charter.

It is from this definition that the concept of “organization” comes. However, the nature of this category is very diverse. It is customary to highlight three main directions: organization in dynamics, organization in staticand intelligent organization.

Organization in dynamics is a process aimed at ordering the elements of the whole in order to obtain expedient unity. In fact, these are all possible processes related to the formation and maintenance of the integrity of the firm.

Organization in static is a ready-made workable model of ordered elements. In simple terms, this is an already completed system on which the entrepreneur directs his activity to achieve a goal.

In practice, the two states are interrelated. The process is impossible without the involvement of the system, just as the system cannot exist without the influence of any processes. However, organizations in the dynamic position, as the system is essentially the result of it.

Intelligent organization — representation or model of a device of a structured system. By this definition, you can mean any project, program of action that can give an idea of the structure or mechanism of operation of the enterprise. And the level of the firm does not matter. If it is a matter of freelance, a person may be considered as such a model.

In the classical business world, the essence of an organization is usually understood as a set of elements and processes that ensure functioning and profit.

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