How to open qualification course


Think what courses you want to organize. Choose a program, for example, it can be classes in accounting, programming, management. In addition, you can organize seminars and trainings (“Business etiquette”, “Effective sales”, “Personal growth”).


Complicate the staff. It should be experienced and good educators. If you are tight in funds, hire external interoperators or enter hourly pay.


Get into paperwork. First of all, sign up with the tax authority as a legal entity. To do this, you will need the constituent documents (minutes of the meeting of shareholders, charter of the company, application, receipt on payment of the state duty). Submit a folder of documents to the FNS for registration. After you receive a certificate of registration, order a stamp and issue a checking account with any banking institution.


Rent a room for classes. Its size depends on the number of courses and groups. Let’s say you plan on starting at the smallest. In this case you can rent a room with a small area in an educational institution. Also you will need an office where you will negotiate with customers and keep accounting. Purchase equipment for activities such as computers, desks. You also need to purchase literature for training.


After the room is rented, you must receive the conclusions of the SES and the Ministry of Emergency Situations on safety and suitability of classes for further training of people. To do this, fill in the application and collect a package of documents, which includes statutory documents, bank details, contracts with the lessor, receipt for payment of the state duty. Pay for the expertise. The conclusion will take a maximum of 30 days.


With teachers, make a program of study. Collect all the above documents into one folder and submit to the Education Committee for an educational license.

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