How to make a business plan


Business plan consists of several parts — cover sheet, company information, summary, activity and risk analysis, strategic decisions, production and financial plan, applications. First of all, consider what you will write in this document, make notes in the draft, for example, you can describe briefly problems, think about ways to solve them. If you have a finance department in your organization, consult with financiers when drawing up a business plan, analyze the indicators.


Start the document with the design of the title page. Here you must specify the name of the company (according to the constituent documents), contact details (address of the organization, telephone, fax, e-mail), name of the owners, date of creation of the business plan.


Next section — information about the company. Describe the history of the company’s creation, indicate goals and objectives, specify strengths and weaknesses. In the same section, you should describe the methods of conducting tax and accounting, describe production and technological processes.


Before going to the preparation of the marketing part of the business plan, study the market, identify potential customers, analyze the work of your competitors. This section should start with a description of the market, for example, you can write about the composition and mechanism of action of the market, specify prices for products and services. Also in this part of the document you should describe the work of your competitors, such as how they promote the goods, what their products look like, etc.


After how the market is studied, move to forecasting. Remember that the forecast should be made monthly, and divided into 3 scenarios: realistic, optimistic and pessimistic.


In the marketing part of the document describe the product promotion plan. You have to answer questions like how people learn about your product (service); how you will sell the product; how much money you are willing to allocate to advertising; what your products will look like.


In the next section you should describe the production capacity. Your goal is to convince investors that the enterprise will be profitable and profitable. Score the required resources. For example, if you specify existing premises in this section, be sure to specify the rental terms and advantages of this location. In the same part of the business plan, you should specify the costs of raw materials and materials, on labor pay.


Next, specify everything regarding cash. Here you can identify the estimated sources of financing, compile cost estimates, provide information on the settlement of the intended loan or loan, describe the project of financial results, and cash flow plan.


Assess the possible risks. They may be associated with a natural disaster, inflation, falling demand, etc. Let us describe the measures to prevent or respond to them.$


In the application of the business plan you can include documents such as marketing research results, auditor opinions, product certificates .

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