How to implement online items in a sales scheme

After a recent questionnaire was sent out, where business managers were asked to check themselves for readiness to resume work, received counter questions. Most concerned the introduction of online elements into sales schemes. In the answers, I gave examples of such solutions in familiar companies with which I recently worked and maintain relationships. Decisions turned out quite a few.

How to implement online items in a sales scheme? In detail, step by step, the entire sales process in the company – from advertising to delivery, well to payment, of course – and look for opportunities to simplify some steps or replace online options.

Online elements introduced into sales schemes in spring 2020

Who finally made a full-fledged online store, with the option of payment on the site. The chain of actions from order to payment was simplified, the speed of purchase and conversion of the site increased.

Who just refined the site, put the goods on it and got a significant increase in sales compared to last year. Offline shop began to operate as a warehouse and issue point.

Who automated the order process on the site – automatic confirmation of the availability of goods, billing, trigger letters. The work of managers has been simplified, their number has decreased, checkout for customers has become faster, service has improved.

Who transferred the customer base to CRM and started working with mailings – instead of calling customers by managers. More productive and cheaper.

Who started working with marketplaces instead of quarantined stores. Sales don’t reach the level of last year yet, but they are.

Who applied the self-booking/self-booking service scheme. There is no need for administrators and control of their work.

Who took care of webinars and videos instead of full-time training programs. Up to the opening of a separate distance learning area.

Who has studied ways to advertise on Instagram and earns it during the quarantine period while expanding the range of customers for their core service.

Who connected the loyalty program in the mobile app began to work with push notifications. Prior to this, online advertising was hardly used and the customer base was not conducted. It turned out two in one bottle.

It turns out that the situation has pushed entrepreneurs to intensify. But note – all this could have been done before without waiting for the moment when thunder came. Almost all the announced decisions were recommended to respected executives much earlier, up to a few years ago. Still — did, and that’s a good thing. Because, there are, alas, CEOs who wait for something and count the losses. And it is necessary — it is vital — to transform the business taking into account the situation. The options, as you can see, are.

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