How to get staff work

How do I get staff to work? You don’t have to force anyone. Much more interesting when the approach to doing the job is informed. If the company still has a situation that is forced, it is necessary to introduce some systemic changes.

Let’s start in order. The company should have a certain purpose expressed in the profit figure. And in a reasonable figure. There is a calculation of break-even point, from it and it is necessary to dance. And such calculation (not difficult, by the way to say) is carried out for some reason not all companies.

Next. We paint the process of obtaining profit according to indicators. That is – what you need to do step by step to get the desired profit. For example, for trade, the simplest indicators are: 1) the number of entries in the store), 2) the conversion rate showing the proportion of sales held from the number of visitors, 3) the average check reflecting ordinary value of one sale, 4) margin ratio showing profit share of total sales. Each company will have different variations in performance. But the bottom line is one – it turns out a digital business model.

Now you need to set these indicators the planned values. We push back against statistics and/or regulations. The task for the same trading enterprise is to calculate how many visitors need to store, so that at the usual conversions and average check the necessary volume of sales will be obtained. Required volume is determined from the price margin.

And here begins work on the distribution of duties among the staff. The task is to ensure that each performer has certain indicators, which he must perform in certain sizes. The principle of conveyor – everyone in their workplace professionally performs their function.

Typical errors in companies leading to staff inefficiency: unspecified

  • task setting,
  • blurred responsibilities,
  • lack of objective evaluation of labor results, $
  • lack of technological (regulations) of fulfillment of duties.

You need to get rid of such mistakes so that you don’t have to force staff to work. To do this:

  • set the tasks in numbers,
  • the

  • obligations of the performers are tied to the relevant indicators (for example, the number of primary contacts should be provided by the responsible for advertising ),
  • set the planned dimensions of indicators for each performer,
  • the

  • regulations show what and how to do to achieve these indicators.

It remains to tie the execution of the planned indicators to the scheme of motivation. Indicators are an objective evaluation of results. Completed = earned.

If all calculations are carried out taking into account the real situation, the system is obtained. Reasoned work plan, the execution of which depends on the performance of tasks on each site. The tasks are not that real – also explained by the regulations (standards, regulations), what should be done to fulfill them. This is the technology that works perfectly in production and can also work in any business.

Final stage. In the system there must be performers capable of performing tasks with set parameters, that is, professionals of their business on a certain site. With a reservation – ready to work for your assigned payment. That’s what the search for companions will come down. Control of indicators will show the degree of their professionalism.

And what if an employee does not cope with planned tasks? Option two. Either he puts all his strength to learn how to work according to established rules, or he gets replaced. Brought up googe – don’t tell me you’re not a dozen.

And there’s no need to make anyone work.

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