How to come up with a name for a dress shop

Name and last name

Use in the name of the clothing store the name of the outlet owner. For example, “Clothes store “Anna”, “Clothing from Max”, “Ivanovsky” (from Ivanov), “Petrovsky” (from Petrov), etc. You can show maximum imagination and generate the name of the store from names and surnames family members or co-owners.$ Say, “OLart” (Olga and Artem), “Vital” (Vitaly and Alexander), “Zhani” (Zhanna and Nikolay). There are hundreds of options. The main thing is to turn out sound and beautiful.

For the name of the clothing store quite suitable and just beautiful names. For women’s clothing – “Marina”, “Julia”, “Elena”, “Natalie”, for men – “Vitaly”, “Maxim” (“From Max”), “Borislav”, for children – “Mashenka”, “

Ksyusha”, etc.

If the residential district or street where the store is located bear a beautiful name, it is possible to give the outlet a similar name: “Jubileyny”, “Western”, “Clothing Store on Solar”. Avoid templates and ridiculousness (“Clothes on Krupskaya”). You can use other local names — rivers, lakes, mountains, etc.

Target audience

to come up with a store name tailored to the target audience — people targeted assortment of clothing offered to customers. What are you selling? Women’s outerwear? Men’s suits? Demi-seasonal coats and raincoats? Home clothes? As they say, beach from the stove: “Empire of Suits”, “Elegant”, “Lady Autumn”, “LadyShick”, “Coat World”, “Gentleman”, “Catwalk”, etc.

Foreign fleur

Today, the names of shops with the inclusion of foreign letters or whole words became very popular. “Clothing Da”, “Clothing Daughter”, “Clothing Land” (country of clothing), “Clothing City” (city of clothing), CostumEmpire (costume empire), Best-Apparel (best clothes). The main thing is not to flip the stick and not make the store a laugh because of the non-commercial name.

Literature to help

Polish documentary or artistic works by famous writers, historians and find out which signs placed above the front doors of their shops merchants trading clothes. Often they flaunted the names of owners, but also there were “Best costumes”, “Passage Zaitsev”, “European fashion”, “Fashion store”, “Fashion clothes”.


come up with the name of a clothing store using associations that arise in the minds of consumers at a particular item. What associative range can be built in relation to, for example, a summer clothing store for women? Summer, sundress, heat and July, beach, rest, clothes for summer, coquette… Or relative to the shop of jackets and cloaks: spring-autumn, rain, raincoats, clothes from bad weather, fashion on weather, off-season, rose winds… If erect a wide associative row, something is sure to push you on the appropriate name for your store.

Finally, you can use the names of the Greek gods (Zeus, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Adonis), as well as just sound, beautiful and bright words and phrases, no relation to the clothes do not, however, evoke positive emotions and favor of consumers: “Aelita”, “Venice”, “Madame Bovari”, “Sakura”, “Southern Wind”, “Malibu”, etc.

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