Why “Triple Cologne” bears such a name

Shop collectors Back in the

early 20th century there were two competing firms in Moscow. And they competed on the field of perfumery. “The Friendship of Alphonse Ralle” and “The Brocar Partnership”. The hosts of both were the betrothed French. Sister perfumers were so keen on competition with each other that they invented new fragrances for Moscow fashionistas. By the way, both of these companies exist today, having changed only names in a vague revolutionary time. They are now known as “Freedom” and “New Dawn”.

History first – pre-revolutionary

It is said that due to competition between these offices and there was an inexterminable Soviet cologne “Triple”. Fragrances of Ralle created a novelty — a fragrance for men – and dubbed it “The Double,” hinting that it was twice as good as the previous cologne. But “Brocar’s camaraderie”, thinking briefly, released its masterpiece. To finally achieve the competitor, on his label proudly flaunted the inscription “Triple”. And the double fellow soon left the counters of perfume shops for good. In addition to the laurel wreath, the winner in the war of perfumers received a long and happy life as a gift. All Soviet men had to smell exactly this fragrance, although it is difficult to call it today. But by virtue of the choice at that point simply being absent, “Triple” cologne remained the sales leader for long decades.

Story two – French

talk that the name “Triple cologne” came to Russia not without the help of Napoleon. Being a great admirer of Cologne water, the commander took it to medical aids. In those distant years it was possible to nail small wounds and cuts, rinse your throat in cold, rub sore joints. In 1810 Napoleon ordered the discovery of the formulation of all medicinal remedies. But to preserve the mystery of the production of “Cologne water” it was considered to be a perfume, adding to its composition aromatic oils. The Emperor appreciated the novelty. Thanks to Napoleon the cologne began to use the whole Parisian beaumond. Even the French army with vials on hand moved to storm Moscow. And “Triple” it’s only because of the oils of bergamot, neroli and lemon.

The story is third — Soviet

Here there are several options. But they were all born under the influence of hardline Soviet reality. There are very true rumors that cologne “Triple” performed three functions at once. From this unforgettable fragrance instantly evaporated from the visibility of women, mosquitoes and extra passengers on public transport. According to another version, during the infamous fight against alcoholism the contents of this familiar to all bubble perfectly went “for three” under melted cheese.

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