Where you can buy toilet water with strawberry smell

Oh Lola!

You can purchase perfume with strawberry aroma from the famous Marc Jacobs. Its light and playful perfume Oh Lola! you will have to taste carefree and young representatives of the beautiful sex. In addition to strawberries, the bouquet of the composition features other treats — raspberry and pear, as well as peony, vanilla, cyclamen, magnolia, sandal and tonka beans. This cheerful fragrance will be most appropriate to look like a spring or summer day. Oh Lola! is not the best option for the office, it is bright and attention-grabbing. Much better to wear it for a walk around town or meet girlfriends in a cafe.

The previous version of “Lola” won the prestigious Fifi award and was the fragrance of the year.

Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum

This composition is a reissue of the once famous Miss Dior Cherie. Unlike “Lola”, Dior perfume is intended for a mature, elegant and confident individual. A bright strawberry note neighbours stricter patchouli, sandal, oak moss, vetiver, as well as romantic jasmine, rose and luscious tangerine. This toilet water is universal — it can be used in the office, at a festive event, or “dress up” in it to go to the club.

Les Plaisirs Nature Fraise Mara des Bois

If you want to hear exclusively strawberries in your perfume, you should pay attention to the products of the company “Yves Rocher”. The aroma consists of a single berry note, sweet and fragrant, which is supposed to be a real strawberry. Toilet water will appeal to fans of bright and pure fruit odors. If you use it moderately, this perfume from Yves Rocher is suitable as an original office option.

“ Yves Rocher” release strawberry toilet water in two vials: 20 and 100 milliliters. You can enjoy this fragrance at home and always have a miniature version of it.

Escada Sexy Graffiti

You can buy fragrant strawberry composition from the Escada brand. Sexy Graffiti is a real berry mix you want to try. It combines strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mint, red peony, cashmere wood, vanilla, lily and violet. The girl to whom this water is intended is an unrestrained optimist, not grazing to life’s difficulties and adoring entertainment. For the city, Sexy Graffiti may seem hard, but if you’re planning on going on holiday to the seaside, by all means grab a vial.

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