Whats spa

Spa or spa is a type of physiotherapy based on the use of water and other substances related to water, such as algae, therapeutic mud, salts. Spa therapy is very effective for improving well-being, improving skin conditions and relaxing.

The history of spa therapy

The history of spa began in the distant past, even this term has ancient Roman roots, as it comes from the Latin expression “sanus per auuam”, which translates to as “water treatment”. Ancient Romans can be considered the founders of this type of treatment and relaxation, they used thermal springs for healing, built special buildings — therms, where they took water treatments, knew about the healing properties of mineral water.

According to another version, the name comes from the name of the Belgian city of Spa with many hot keys.

In Russia, spa therapy began to develop in the time of Peter the Great, who founded a resort called “Martial Waters” in Karelia and went there for treatment. Gradually, nobles and representatives of higher estates followed the example of the king and began to travel to hot springs, which really benefited.

In the 20th century, spa therapy began to develop at a rapid pace around the world. There are not only a lot of spa resorts, but also special salons where water treatments are conducted for the purpose of healing and relaxation.

Spas and treatments

In spas, there is a greater focus not on treatment, as in resorts, but on relaxing and improving mood. Such places allow you to fully immerse yourself in a meditative state and enjoy pleasant sensations, for this purpose in the salons think about every little thing: include pleasant music, offer phyto- cocktails, light scented candles.

There are many different spa procedures. These are grass and mud baths, showers “tropical rainstorm”, jacuzzi with different types of water massage, swimming pools with warm sea water, snow rubbing in special rooms with low temperature and soft snow, aroma baths, hammams with foam massage, Finnish saunas, capsules with various functions and much more.

The spas also offer the services of normal beauty salons: manicures, pedicures, beauty treatments.

The complex of spa therapy includes mud treatment, thalassotherapy, phytotherapy, wraps, massage, aromatherapy, recently the spa includes yoga, meditation and fitness training. These diverse procedures and techniques combine that they aim to relax the body. Increasingly, “spa” is called a wider range of concepts than just water or relaxing treatments, it is a whole set of techniques and even a lifestyle.

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