What to do in hair loss: important recommendations

Aside from such trivial causes of hair loss as improper nutrition, this problem is undoubtedly caused by poor care. Of course, there are other factors, such as genetic or past diseases. If it is impossible to understand the reason, the only way is to contact a specialist. However, if this problem appeared relatively recently and has not yet reached significant dimensions, you can try to solve it yourself by trying home remedies.

In autumn, hair loss is influenced mainly by hormones. In summer, they are released in large amounts (such as female estrogen), while in winter, when the sun is much smaller and the temperature is lower, testosterone production increases. Therefore, the condition and amount of hair are affected by hormonal fluctuations.

This can certainly be compared to nature’s life’s dependence on the amount of sunlight and temperatures prevailing at certain periods. Nature comes alive from spring to summer, just as the human body releases more female hormones, senses more energy and stimulates the growth of strands and nails, everything changes from autumn to winter.

When the hair falls in the pristine and this process cannot be stopped, it is necessary to approach the problem in stages:

1. Change the diet to one that provides all the necessary nutrients needed for the body. Supplement minerals, vitamins and fatty acids in the body. During this period, it is best to avoid highly processed foods and any unnatural additives.

2. It is worth trimming curls a few centimeters so they do not burden bulbs with their own weight, which will slightly reduce their loss, as well as short hair regenerates faster.

3. It is necessary to damage with drying electric dryers due to the fact that too high the air temperature damages the curls. Either use cooler air for drying.

4. Hair needs to be moisturized whenever possible, for example, in the evening you can apply a mask or oil, then wash your head and apply the conditioner. This will strengthen them very much and allow them to recover during sleep.

5. Do not forget about scalp care, which should also be moistened so that hair follicles are well nourished and not contaminated, so for cleaning and safe removal of the unfolded epidermis are important gentle scrubs.

6. During this period, washing and rinsing with hot water should be avoided because the high temperature causes sweating and increases sebum production, which can make the skin oily and disturb it free breath.

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