What to do if you split very hard and dry hair

Professional help

One radical way to help dry and split hair is to cut it. It is necessary that the stratification that began at the tips does not extend to the entire length of the hair. Hairdressers recommend cutting dry hair once every one and a half months, and fatty ones once every three months.

The best option for split curls is haircut with hot scissors. In this procedure, the tips of the hair are melted, which retains moisture and nutrients inside. After cutting hot scissors, hair grows faster, becomes resilient, healthy and strong.

Beauty salons offer many treatments to improve the condition of dry and split hair. One of the most popular is lamination. After this procedure, each hair is covered with a smoothing and protective film. Lamination makes the chevelure silky, smooth and shiny.

Treatment with home remedies

If you do not have the opportunity to contact professionals for hair treatment, try home cooking.

One of the most popular remedies is a mask with burdock oil. To prepare it lightly heat on the water bath 2 tablespoons of burdock oil and add 2 yolks. Apply the mixture to damp hair, paying special attention to the roots and tips. Then wrap your head in polyethylene and a towel, and leave the mask for half an hour. Flush the remedy with cool water with a little shampoo.

Burdock oil contains a large amount of active substances that repair damaged hair. If you don’t have time to make masks, add a few drops of oil to a single portion of shampoo before washing your hair. Pour oil into a bottle with shampoo is not recommended, because it can cause it to stratify.

Well treated dry and damaged hair masks made of kefir and simpleton. These fermented milk products are applied to wet hair, abundantly impregnating dry tips. Hold such masks for half an hour, then rinse with water or chamomile decoction.

A mask of 2-3 yolks and 2-3 tablespoons castor oil can be used to nourish and moisturize the hair. Apply the mixture to the hair and wrap the head with polyethylene. Wash the mask in 3 hours.

A mask with honey and olive oil will help the damaged and dry hair. Mix 1 tablespoon liquid honey with 1 yolk and 2 tablespoons of cold-pressed olive oil. The mixture spread over the entire length of the hair, insulate the head and keep the mask for an hour.

General recommendations

Go to a trichologist who will prescribe a treatment and also recommend a vitamin complex to improve the condition of your hair. Perhaps he will recommend seeing another doctor, because hair problems may occur due to some diseases.

Review your diet – dryness and hair cross-section can be caused by improper nutrition. Exclude greasy, sweet, spicy, spirits and sodas, canned food, fast food. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits that will provide your hair with vitamins.

Wear hats – do not expose your hair to frost and ultraviolet. To damage your hair less, use combs made of wood or bristles. Don’t wash your head with too hot water — it drains your hair a lot.

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