What oils help from hair loss

Olive Oil — healing elixir from hair loss

Olive oil contains a complex of valuable components: vitamins K, E, A and D, as well as phenols, minerals, linolium and oleic acids, antioxidants and other useful elements. Therefore, this elixir perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the chevelure, eliminates increased dryness of the scalp, restores the structure of the hairs and, of course, strengthens the chevelure, preventing hair loss.

Olive oil can be used to strengthen hair of any type. Before use, the oil is lightly heated on a water bath (usually 3-4 tbsp olive oil is taken for medium-length chevelure). Heated oil is applied to the root system, gently massaging the scalp for 2-3 minutes, then evenly distributed to the buckles (special attention should be paid to the tips of the hair). Then cover the head with food film and insulated on top with a mohair scarf or terry towel. Keep oil 37-43 minutes, after hair is washed with warm soft water with shampoo. It is enough to carry out such procedures twice or three times a week for 2 months, and the problem of hair loss will disappear.

Mustard oil for weakened hair

Mustard oil is considered one of the strongest stimulants of hair growth. In addition, this remedy perfectly strengthens the chevelure, preventing excessive loss, fighting itchy skin, dandruff, etc. This wide range of healing properties is due to the rich composition of this oil . It contains vitamins of groups B, F, E, K, A, D, phytosterols, fatty acids, glycosides, essential oils and other valuable elements.

To prepare an effective mixture against hair loss, you will need the following components:
– 15-17 drops of lavender aromatic oil;
– 50-60 ml of mustard oil.

Lightly heated on a water bath, mustard oil is mixed with lavender essential oil. After the warm mixture is applied with gentle massaging movements on the scalp and spread over the strands. Cover the top of the head with a plastic bag and put on a wool cap. After 28-30 minutes, the hair is washed with water of comfortable temperature with shampoo. The frequency of such procedures is twice a week. Sea

buckthorn oil against hair loss

Thanks to its rich composition, sea buckthorn oil perfectly strengthens weakened and restores damaged hair, accelerates the growth of hair and fights dandruff. So, in case of strong loss it is recommended to take a little sea buckthorn oil (the amount depends on the length of the hair), slightly heat it and cover with this healing elixir the root system and buckles. On top of the head is insulated, and after 1-1.5 hours washed away with warm water with shampoo. It is enough to make masks three times a week 1.5-2 months in a row and the hair will stop falling asleep.

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