What is worth doing every evening so that there is no swelling under your eyes in the morning

In order to defeat an enemy, you need to know it, what is called, in the face. If you understand the root causes of morning bags and swelling under the eyes, it will be easier to work out habits to wake up without these undies.

The words “bag” and “swelling” themselves imply “accumulation of anything.” Around the eyeball there is a fat layer that is able to accumulate liquid in itself overnight, swelling and creating the same bags. What to do to keep this from happening?

First of all, it is important to remember that the fluid in the body holds salt. Accordingly, the less it will be in dinner products, the better you will look in the morning. Besides, after salty food there is always a thirst: we drink and “gain” the volume that will be under our eyes in the morning. A light dinner is the best friend of a fresh morning face.

In another situation, the bags under the eyes are indicators of a sleepless night. Here the rule is very simple — a healthy 7-8 hour sleep. But, if circumstances do not allow you to sleep, there are no preventive measures here — you will have to do everything possible in the morning to eliminate consequences. By the way, some believe that the longer you sleep, the more you get to sleep, but that’s not always the case. Surely you noticed that after a 12-13-hour sleep, the face does not look rested, but rather the opposite. That is why it is considered optimal to sleep for 7-8 hours.

Also in front of your eyes is reflected long work at your computer. Therefore, if your activity is forced to look into the screen all working day, you

should periodically do simple exercises thatwill help to relax your eyes:

  • Movement Eye in a circle in and proto-clockwise direction;

  • Jump up as hard as possible, then open your eyes;

  • Focus your gaze on some object, then translate your gaze to another object that is farther away from you;

  • Paint with your eyes any figure in the air (heart, square, eight, etc).

If you pay these exercises at least five minutes a day, your eyes will be slower to tire and, accordingly, look much fresher.

And one last thing: never neglect the make-up and treatments before bed. Decorative cosmetics that you leave overnight on your face (and even more so on your eyes) slowly kills the skin with its components. Around the eyes are known to be the most gentle area, so be sure to remove makeup and use night remedies: patches to leave until morning or serums with oils.


‘s always better to deal with the root of the problem than with visible symptoms. Therefore, observing the mode of sleep and nutrition, as well as using high-quality ear night cosmetics, you can forget about bags under the eyes as a phenomenon in principle and talk to the concealers once and for all.

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