What is micellar shampoo

Micellar shampoos combine the beneficial properties of natural ingredients. These products do not contain any artificial additives such as parabens, mineral oils or silicones, making them tender and safe. Deeply cleanses the skin, restoring its biological balance, which has gained a wide range of users who choose only this product for daily scalp and hair care. This group includes people with sensitive and easily irritated heads and gentle curls.

As for its internal structure, it’s full of tiny microscopic-sized balls called micelles, which absorb fat, bind it permanently and remove it from the surface of the hair at their rinse. However, the micelles do not damage the water-lipid protective coating of the hair or scalp, so that the protective coating is always preserved properly. Consequently, the effects of using such a remedy are almost identical to those of micellar fluid, that is, refreshment, hydration and protection.

Once used, the strands will remain soft to the touch, light and fluffy like fluff. It removes all contamination from its surface, regulates sebum secretion and maintains skin pH at the right level, hence it becomes more resistant to external factors. Therefore, frequent use limits the possibility of irritation after washing.

Also hair holders prone to brittle will be very happy with this product, which will strengthen, and make them more elastic. It also counteracts dryness very well, which very often leads to an unpleasant sensation of burning or itching.

Of course, micellar shampoos for the youngest users could not be absent. Due to the fact that the skin of the child is particularly sensitive to all types of detergents, children’s head wash products do not contain artificial components, but only natural and plant: 

-$ Aloe leaf extract that moisturizes, restores and cares for skin and hair

– provitamin B5 with strong moisturizing effect, soothes irritations

– glycerin stearate , which has very good regenerating properties for hair by closing hair cuticles and restoring them with a smooth texture, has a significant effect on improving their elasticity, 

– extract from American water lily or flax root, which greatly reduces sensitivity, 

is allantoin or betaine to soothe, reduce and resist irritation.

– acetylated lanolin alcohol, is a softening agent that creates occlusion film on the surface of hair and skin, holding water in them and moisturizing them properly.

Classic shampoos, even though they often perfectly remove dirt, dust and all other contaminants, often have quite a strong impact. As deeply penetrating and cleansing products, they should not be used too often. Using them once a week is enough and will keep your hair and scalp in good health.

Both types can be used. Micellar for everyday use, due to the delicacy of its application, and a means for deep cleansing once a week to get rid of the most difficult to remove contaminants as well as substances, which are often added to other cosmetics used in hair care.

Due to the fact that deep cleansing products have the ability to open scales, they are most often used just before hydrating and regenerating hair with conditioners or masks, and before applying paint.

Thanks to open cuticles, the nutrients contained in cosmetics are easier to penetrate the structure and deeply nourish. In addition, some deep cleansing agents have chelating agents that contain sodium salts as their main ingredient. Thus they soften the water by binding minerals that are contained in hard water, micellar shampoos do not have such properties.

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