What color lipstick should be on your lips


Glitters and translucent lipsticks fit almost every face, so choosing lipsticks that color, you can safely buy them .


Every woman knows that daytime makeup is significantly different from evening. It is characterized by lighter and more delicate tones, so in the afternoon the color of lipstick should be a few tones lighter or darker than your lips, and in the evening – juicier and brighter.


Girls with light skin should choose lipsticks of light shades. It can be pink, beige, plum colors, whereas the owners of more slimmer skin should choose golden, brown and peach tones.


Another factor when choosing lipstick is the color of your hair. Here you can expand the scope when choosing. So, the brighter the color of your hair, the brighter you can afford lipstick. But also we should not forget about the color of the skin.



huge role when choosing the color of lipstick plays eye color. Lipstick can either accentuate the expressiveness of your eyes or vice versa make them insipid. If you have brown eyes, then boldly choose red, scarlet and cherry colors, if you have blue eyes, you should choose more delicate colors – beige, pale pink, but if you have green and gray eyes, then you are most likely to be suitable for peach, coral colors.


Choose lipstick under the color of your accessories, so you will look spectacular and noticeable, also you will seem more preppy. In addition to the selection of accessories, you can paint your nails in a similar color.


If you have thin lips, then try to choose glitter, if plump, then lipstick.

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